An archive is a common terminology when it comes to Blog settings. Well to start off, “Archive” means the collection of data. The archive page is a collection of posts grouped by category, author, date, tag, etc. Search page also an Archive page.

You can find the setting under Appearance Customize Layout Blog / Archive

Below are the options available Under Blog / Archive.

  1. Blog Post Content: You can display blog content in 2 ways, Full Content and Excerpt Content.
  2. Excerpt Length: Limit post excerpt length using number of words.
  3. Excerpt End With: Here you can change excerpt “read more” string.
  4. Read More Button Text: In this option you can change read more button text.
  5. Read More Button Icon: Here you can set icon in read more button. You can use Font Awesome icon “fas fa-chevron-right”.



Blog Style

Bstone comes with four built-in blog layouts which allows you to create the impressive blog pages. You can either choose to display your blog posts in a grid, list, Masonry or a Full Width Layout.

Full Width Post

Full width is a simple layout, large image and content below.


Image is placed on the left or right of the content.

With this blog layout, there are 3 styles ‘Image on left’, ‘Image on right’ and ‘One left, One right’.


Simple responsive grid layout, Choose between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns.


Masonry is a grid layout based on columns. In this layout, the height and width of the columns are not fixed, unlike other grid layout options.
Masonry layout makes maximum utilization of space by covering small gaps and spaces.


Posts Display Style

This option highlights the very 1st post or the recently added posts in the archives.


Blog Post Structure

Blog post structure helps you in managing the featured image, title, blog Meta, content and read more.
You can hide the featured image for your blog posts.

In the same way, you can hide the title, blog Meta, content and read more settings.

You can even swap the position of the image, title, blog Meta, content and read more settings with simple drag-drop method.


Blog Meta

Blog meta is all about the in-short description explaining what the blog is all about.It gives extra information about the blog.
Where the author has control to show/hide the number of comments received, the category the post, who is the author, the publish date and the tags.

Note: For managing the categories, tags and publish dates you will have to edit the individual post from the backend of WordPress.


Post Meta Separator

Here you can set post meta separator.


Display Meta Text

Display / Hide post meta text.


Display Meta Icons

Display / Hide meta icons. If meta icons are enabled, You can set icons type ‘solid’ or ‘regular’.


Post Type Icon

Here you can enable / disable post type icons. If enabled you can set position, icon type and icon size.

If ‘Enable On Mouse Hover’ is selected, Icon will appear only if user mouse hover on post container.


Blog Content Width

Just the way you have the option to manage the container width of your website, you have an option to manage the container width of your blog page.


Blog Columns

Here you can set blog columns count, for grid and masonry styles.


Add overlay on image hover

This will add an overly on post image, when mouse hover.


Blog Image Size

Here you can set post image size.


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