Not sure how to start with Bstone Pro Addon plugin? Then this document is for you.

What is Bstone Pro Addon?

Bstone Pro Addon is a plugin that enhances the capabilities of the Bstone theme and adds more features to it. This plugin comes with modules that can be activated and deactivated as per your needs. Therefore, you can select the features that you wish to keep and avoid the rest from bloating your website.

If you’re looking for a solid and fast theme with easy options for customizations, go for Bstone Pro Addon.

Where can I purchase Bstone Pro?

On Bstone pricing page, you can see packages available for Bstone Pro Addon.

How to Install Bstone Pro Addon plugin?

After purchasing Bstone Pro you can download plugin zip from the store and install it on your WordPress site like any other plugin. See how you can proceed with the installation here.

Where can I get the license key?

Activating your license or purchase key is very important. This way, you are registering the purchase you’ve made and therefore will receive free updates from us. You can find the key on the license page when you log in to our store.

How can I activate the license?

The license key (or purchase key) is needed in various instances; like registering the product to receive free updates, logging in to our support center to request support and more. See how you can activate Bstone Pro Addon license.

How to get started with Bstone Pro?

Once you have installed Bstone Pro and activated your license, you are free to use any addons that you wish to use in the theme. Modules available with Bstone Pro will be listed under Appearance   Bstone Options., with the label Bstone Pro Modules. Activate required modules and start building your website 🙂

Note: Each module and its settings can be found under the respective tab in the customizer.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.


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