Creating a site right from scratch can be a pain. You need to come up with an idea, a design, content, images and a lot more. This takes a long long time. However, with Bstone, you can save a lot of time by importing readymade demos we’ve created that can be tweaked a little and made into your own.

How Does that work?

To import demo content kindly follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate “Bstone Demo Importer” Plugin.
  2. Once activated, you’ll find a new menu under appearance menu: Appearance  Demo Importer.
  3. Select a website you wish to import.
  4. You will see Install Required Plugins as shown in the below screenshot. Simply click on “Import Demo” button and the required plugins will get automatically installed on your website.

Once demo imported, if you feel your website colors and fonts are different from demo site. Please see article below.

Elementor settings for Bstone.

Not the solution you are looking for? Check other articles, or open a support ticket.


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