Logo Left Header is a default header provided by the Bstone. You can customize the logo left header with options below. You can find the setting under Appearance Customize Layout Header

Select Logo Left Header option.


Header Position Absolute / Transparent Header

Enabling this option will set your primary header background to transparent and pull the page content to the top. It will merge the primary header and the page content.

You can activate it from Appearance Customize Layout Header Header Position Absolute

You can set content spacing from Appearance Customize Spacing Content

You can set page / post title spacing from Appearance Customize Spacing Post / Page Title


Disable Menu

If you need to disable the Menu from the Primary header you can easily do it with Disable Menu option. This option is useful while designing the custom headers.


Custom Menu Item

It allows you to add a custom menu item at the end of the primary menu. You can select a custom menu item from the drop-down:

It will add a search box at the end of the primary menu.

Text / HTML
It will allow you to insert text and HTML element code. You can insert a call to action button, contact number, email address etc.

You can add a widget to the header with this option.

After selecting widget option as a custom menu item, you will able to set a widget from Appearance Customize Widgets Header Widget Area 1

Choose any WordPress default widget or you can use any third party plugin to add a widget to the list. You can choose a number of widgets from the list.


Primary Menu Alignment

This option will set the navigation menu alignment to left, right or center in header.


Bottom Border Size

You can set a bottom border width for a primary header with this option.

You can set border color from Appearance Customize Colors & Background Header Bottom Border Color


Header Width

This allows you to set header width either to full width or to content width.You can choose options from drop down. Header background will be set to full width by default just the content width will change.

This option will not work if ‘Boxed’ layout is selected from Appearance Customize Layout Container


Menu Label & Alignment on Small Devices

On responsive devices, a primary menu will undergo hamburger menu (three-line menu) without any text. You can set text or label for it from the option.

Bstone allows you to manage logo and hamburger menu alignment for mobile. You can either set it to stack or be inline.


Display / Hide Custom Menu Items in Responsive Menu

This option allows you to display or hide custom menu item from the primary menu on small devices.


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