In posts banner / slider you can display blog posts using beautiful slider or grid on Blog page. Manage your posts to show in slider / grid with category or posts ids. You can find the setting under Appearance Customize Settings Posts Banner / Slider

Below are the options available in posts banner / slider settings.



In layout you can manage posts display style.


Enable Posts Banner / Slider

Here you can enable / disable posts banner / slider.


Banner Width

It will set banner width to Full (Edge to Edge) or Content width (In Container).


Banner Type

Here you can set banner type to slider or post grid.


Data Source

Here you can set banner data source to category or post ids.


Number of Posts in Slider

This setting will only applied on ‘Slider’ banner type. Here you can set number of posts to display in slider.


Banner Structure

In banner structure you can display / hide banner content ‘Title’, ‘Post Meta’ and ‘Category’. You can even swap the position of the title, post meta, and category with simple drag-drop method.


Meta Structure

Here you can set meta elements to display or hide same like banner structure.


Text Align

Here you can set banner content alignment to all possible positions.


Image Size

Here you can set an image size for posts image from available sizes.



In spacing settings you can set banner outer and inner spaces, and content spacing as well.


Container Margin

This will set banner outer margin from all sides.


Content Padding

This will set banner content container padding from all sides.


Content Spacing

In content spacing settings you can set title, meta and category spacing from top and bottom.



In typography settings you can set post title, meta and category font size.



In colors settings you can set colors of post title, meta and category. And set post image overlay color as well.

You can enable/disable shadow for post title, category and meta.


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