The shop customizer provides options to customize WooCommerce shop and archive pages. The product list is a shop / archive page with a product loop that displays your products.

Below are the options available in Product List Settings – You can find settings under Appearance Customize WooCommerce Shop Customizer Product List Settings

  1. Container: You can apply container layout for shop pages.
  2. Sidebar: Set sidebar for shop pages.
  3. Item Hover Style: Set hover style for product list items.
  4. Shop Product Structure: Manage elements in product list item.
  5. Align Product Info: Align product info in product list item.
  6. Shop Columns: Here you can set number of shop page columns.
  7. Products Per Page: Set number of products per page in shop and archive pages.
  8. Horizontal Space: Set horizontal space between product list itmes.
  9. Vertical Space: Set Vertical space between product list itmes
  10. Shop Title Section: Enable / Disable shop page title area.
  11. Taxonomy Title Section: Enable / Disable archive pages title area.
  12. Shop Filter: Enable / Disable shop page filter.





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