Single post the page where the individual blog topics are described in minute details. The author can cover every necessary detail in the single posts.

Apart from the featured image, you can add images and videos in the post through the media. You can also add/embed the related or reference links to the topics.

You can find the setting under Appearance Customize Layout Single Post


Single Post Structure

Single Post Structure helps you in managing the featured image, title, blog Meta, content and entry footer in single post. You can hide the section for your blog posts.

You can even swap the position of the image, title, blog Meta, content and entry footer settings with simple drag-drop method.


Single Post Meta

Here you have control to show/hide the number of comments received, the category the post, who is the author, the publish date and the tags.


Replace Blog Title With Post Title

If checked page title “Blog” will be replaced with post title.


After Post Structure

Show/Hide after post content sections like ‘Next/Prev Post Links’, ‘Author Box’ and ‘Comments’.

You can even swap the position of the ‘Next/Prev Post Links’, ‘Author Box’ and ‘Comments’ with simple drag-drop method.


Next/Prev Post Links Settings

Modify style and position of next/prev post nav.

Next Prev Links Position

Select position of links form drop down, Default or Center. ‘Default’ will place links under post content and if ‘Center’ selected links will be fixed in the middle of page on left and right edges.

Next Prev Links Style

Change nave links display style. Here you have 5 options ‘Title & Arrows Top’, ‘Title & Arrows Bottom’, ‘Title & Arrows Side’, ‘Arrows With Featured Image’ and ‘Only Arrows’.

Next/Prev Taxonomy

Change post navigation taxonomy category or tag.


Single Post Content Width

Just the way you have the option to manage the container width of your website, you have an option to manage the container width of your single post page.


Section Devider Border Size

Set border size of after post sections.

Change color from Appearance Customize Colors & Background Content Main Border Color


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